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Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent that is "Made in Taiwan!"

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Being a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent in New York is one of my biggest asset.  Manhattan is a city that has over 40 different world Languages spoken in this town. You could not walk down Midtown Manhattan midday without hearing a foreign accent.i love new york real estate 我們作為職業曼哈頓地產專家, 隨時能感受到曼哈頓市場的變化, 我們認為現在可以進入曼哈頓市場, 因為我們已經目睹了局部市場30%的調價, 市場現在的狀況, 已經造成了最佳進入時期. 明智的投資者已經開始積極地看房, 現在是買方積極還價的時機, 買方市場已經到來. 由於每人的投資要求,目的和投資額都有所不同, 我們會和您單獨討論您看房的時間和選看的公寓. 我們的個人化服務(Personalized Service)為您隨時提供最新市場趨勢價格信息, 根據您的投資目的和要求, 幫助您選定最合適的地產.

 As a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent, I have learn majority of my mother tongue while I was growing up in Asia. I was born in Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 臺灣, The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa (from Portuguese  Formosa, meaning "beautiful (island)"), is located in East Asia off the coast of China, southwest of the main islands of Japan but directly west of the end of Japan's Ryukyu Islands, and north-northwest of the Philippines.

About 78% of the people in Taiwan speak both Standard Mandarin (officially recognized by the ROC as the National Language) and Taiwanese Minnan (commonly known as "Taiwanese"; a variant of Min Nan spoken in Fujian province). Standard Mandarin is the primary language of instruction in schools; however, most spoken media is split between Mandarin and Taiwanese.  I SPEAK BOTH MANDARIN and TAIWANESE, thanks to my grand mother that only speaks Taiwanese so I had to learn the language as a small child to communicate with her.

As a teenager growing up, I often want to speak English more than Chinese so that I can fit in with others in the school. I often not want to speak much of my own language in school, partly because I was learning my way around how to speak like 'an American girl' with a proper accent.  Although my family have always remind me not to forget Chinese language as one day it will be very useful for me. 

So far so true.  Being a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent in New York, I have been reaping the benefits of being biligual, and working with many sellers and buyers who also share the same culture heritage. I have been servicing oversea investors that speaks Chinese and connecting sellers who would like to sell their property to oversea investors using my language and culture connection.

If you are a seller that would like to have your property showcase to our oversea buyer connection. Please contact us now at (646)644-6929. If you are a buyer that speaks Chinese and would like work with someone that speaks your Chinese dialect, call us now at (646)644-6929.Eileen Hsu

We are both English and Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents under one of the most successful Manhattan Brokerage firm Prudential Douglas Elliman with extensive market knowledge. In addition, we specialize in connecting the local Manhattan sellers with both local and international buyers with our preferred buyer networks. Call us today at (212)321-7122 or (917)837-8869.

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