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NYC Listings : Absorption Rates Explained

Are you looking for NYC Listings in Manhattan?  NYC Listings for property in Manhattan can be emailed directly depending on your search criteria.  We have access to all of the NYC Listings in Manhattan.  If you are just starting your search or would like a detailed analysis of the properties that are of interest to you, we can provide all of the information you need for your NYC Listings search.

Your NYC listings search begins at looking at property that meets your personal criteria.  As your search becomes more serious and you are interested in making offers on potential apartments, having the tools at your disposal to make an educated buying decision becomes more important.  One of these tools is the Market Absorption Rate.

  • Definition of Absorption Rate: Number of weeks/months it takes to sell the current inventory at the present rate of sales

3 Important Factors to Consider:

  1. Manhattan does not have a MLS so tracking the total amount of inventory is not an exact science, different websites give different numbers, so based on what set of data is used will ultimately determine different absorption rates
  2. How is the current present rate of sales determined?  Once again this is a rate that depends on the source material used, there are many different places and figures giving the current rate of sales for Manhattan.
  3. Absorption Rate is a trend.   From week to week, month to month this number will change and is based on a number of factors that need to constantly examined.

Why is Absorption Rate Helpful to You?

  • It will allow you to know when a real estate market most favors buyers or sellers with actual evidence?
  • If you are looking to sell, the market absorption rate will help you identify a factual time period it will take to sell your property based on your price point
  • Absorption Rates will indicate whether the local market is a buyers market, sellers market or a neutral market.

The question an absorption rate answers is "Is the inventory in a given market expanding or shrinking? "

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NYC Listings : Absorption Rates Explained
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